Drip Hoses

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GR Drip Hoses are the most widely used and easiest drip irrigation system in terms of installation, disassembly, and maintenance It is used to irrigate vegetables in the open field and in greenhouses It is used very efficiently to irrigate trees planted at close distances, such as apples and bananas It has round emitters that stick to the inner wall of the hose The diameter of the tube is 16 mm with a thickness of 1.1 mm. The ideal operating pressure is 1 bar Available in different flows 2, 4, 8 L/h It is made at different distances between the emitters, starting from 20 cm to 200 cm or more It can be manufactured in the form of groups for use on trees so that each tree has a number of emitters It is not affected by the use of various chemicals and fertilizers added to irrigation water It can be cleaned of limescale by adding some dilute acids Reducing droplet clogging due to the development of droplets by adding an internal filter. 80% of droplet clogging is reduced by sand and impurities