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AgriCBS is an application to serve all workers in the agricultural sector, the food processing sector, the import and export sector of agricultural products, irrigation requirements of all kinds, pesticides and agricultural fertilizers supplies, the agricultural transport sector, the packaging sector and its equipment, the shipping and clearance sector, the equipment and machinery sector of all sectors and the stations sector Packaging, quality certificates sector, seeds and seedlings sector, the local market sector for agricultural products and all other sectors related to the agricultural field or any field within the application.

Covered Sections

Importing And Exporting Agricultural

They are the first source for the final product to leave a particular country and enter another country.

Food Manufacturing

Related to the manufacture, freezing or canning of agricultural products.

Packing And Packaging Stations

The places responsible for assembling, sorting and packing agricultural product,


The companies that produce and distribute everything related to packaging tools for all sectors in the application.

Quality Certificates

Responsible for granting quality certificates or the certificates necessary to practice the activity for any of the sectors in the application.

Shipping And Clearance

The companies specialized in shipping agricultural products and clearing their shipments at airports and ports.


The companies that own internal transport vehicles for transporting agricultural products and transporting goods in all sectors of application

The Farm Sector

The section on cultivated areas, types of crops, methods of cultivation, and the display of available agricultural products at their production dates.

Pesticides And Agricultural Fertilizers

The companies working in the production and distribution of agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and fertilizers necessary for agriculture.

Irrigation And Production Requirements

The companies involved in the production and distribution of all irrigation and production requirements necessary for agricultural operations.

Machinery And Equipment

The companies that produce and distribute all machines and equipment related to all sectors in the application.

Seed And Seedling

The companies that produce and distribute seed and seedling varieties for all agricultural products.

Local Market

The final sales sector which responsible for selling agricultural products at the local level, whether in the same country of production or after exporting the products to another country.


This section is for any company that serves the application sections, and this section will be separated to a main section of the application after that, based on the important areas added by users.

App Features

SEO Optimization

Your company profile and products will be well optimized wil search engines like 'Google Search'.

Indexed Data
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All AgriCBS's content has an approval process

This process will minimize the garbage data in the app and we are working hard to integrate with other Authorization Organizations to increase data validity.

Keep In Touch

AgriCBS will notify you with the information in time to keep you always updated.

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Upcoming Features

We are working hard to enhance our current app features and add more features ASAP.

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